Famous Four Classic

1980 2-Door Classic Range Rover

Range Rovers began to gradually move more upmarket as each new model year introduced subtle improvements, with carpets and cloth seats catering for a more discerning breed of driver.

This 1980 left hand drive example was sent to us by its Scandinavian owner via North Sea ferry; we collected it from Immingham Docks by trailer, having cleared UK customs with a temporary import licence.

Our remit was to undertake a cosmetic restoration. Some minor welding was required, and a full restoration of the outer body panels, bumpers, new rubber seals and the like gave it a most impressive finish. We re-trimmed the interior ; seats, carpets and internal trim panels were fitted, resulting in a stunningly beautiful and correctly detailed vehicle, which was highly useable as a daily driver.

Upon completion we delivered the Range Rover back to Immingham Docks and ensured all customs requirements were met, before it sailed back to the Continent ready to be appreciated and enjoyed.